Free Cell Phone

Free Cell Phone


Wow – this is an amazing freebie! Get a FREE Cell Phone! Lifeline is a federal program designed to ensure that quality telecommunications services are available to low-income customers at just, reasonable, and affordable rates. The ability for the financially disadvantaged to get a free cell phone in these tough economic times is moving at breakneck speed across the country. 49 states offer programs that offer free phones and free service to Americans on government assistance, or simply those who are below certain income thresholds.


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  1. I really dont believe that this is proper for a freebie site.this is agovt.program that has good and bad points
    It is mismanaged i wont be shocked if i see that it has imploded upon itsself.they give 1 phone if you need another youre on your own. You can close your acct out wait a year and then get a new one but it is valuable in minutes and some data its called safelink lifeline.a similarco possibly owned by the same entity is Qlink.they just dont service all of pa not even all of clarion county thank you

  2. It will help my husband because he lost his phone

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