Free Dentiva and Salese Lozenge Samples

Free Dentiva and Salese Lozenge Samples

Request your free samples today! Looking for a long-lasting oral health lozenge? Try Dentiva.
Looking for lasting relief from dry mouth? Try Salese.
Both Dentiva and Salese are excellent for oral health: they eliminate bad breath, kill bacteria, and neutralize acids that cause decay. US only

‘Due to COVID-19 concerns, we have been overwhelmed with requests for product samples. It has affected our ability to send and receive emails so we have had to temporarily suspend the Free Sample form – we will re-activate it as soon as we get a handle on our website traffic.’


Free Dentiva and Salese Lozenge Samples absolutely free, but please note that Freebies Lovers does not ship out freebies and free samples! Also does not offer free stuff or free samples for sale. Follow the instructions provided above to request the listed freebies. If you need to contact a specific merchant, please follow the link to that merchant's own website.
Visit Freebies Lovers website everyday for more new freebies.

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